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News, 11/22/2012

International bazaar in Geneva

United Nations Women’s Guild organized the 40th annual international bazaar in Geneva on 20th November. The permanent missions to UN participated to the bazaar with national stands offering traditional products and restaurant stands offering traditional food. This year there were 75 countries participating in the bazaar and their selection of products varied from pearls to hats and from Cambodian to Chilean food. The music and dance performances entertained the guests whole day and the event culminated in a lottery with prizes such as car and several trips abroad.

International bazaarThe personnel of the Permanent Mission of Finland baked Carelian pastries, oatmeal cookies, cinnamon buns and gingerbread to be sold in our stand. Also, an intern knitted mittens and booties, as well as, we received Moomin products and Kalevala jewelry as donations, which represented traditional Finnish products. A lot of guests were thrilled to find the Moomin products. The Carelian pastries turned out to puzzle the international guests while they were the favorite product of the Finnish guests.

The funds raised in the bazaar will be donated to finance projects for disadvantaged children. Yearly about 6000 persons visit the bazaar and about 300 000 francs (248 000 euros) is raised. Year 2011 the raised funds were used to finance 75 projects worldwide.

Carelian pastries and gingerbreadCarelian pastries and gingerbread



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Updated 11/22/2012

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