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Press Releases, 19/09/2013 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Finns were not involved in the shooting incident in Kosovo

Press Release 199/2013
19 September 2013

A shooting incident involving the EULEX mission in Kosovo, the EU’s largest civilian crisis management operation, took place on 19 September. Two EU vehicles travelling to their shift on the frontier crossing between Kosovo and Serbia came under fire at about 7:30 am. A Lithuanian customs officer travelling in one of the vehicles was killed in the incident. Other members of the civilian crisis management mission were injured in the incident. They are now in hospital care.

The vehicles were transporting customs officers, frontier control and police experts from various EU countries to the frontier crossing point where they are assigned. Finnish police, frontier and customs experts were not involved in the incident.

EULEX works in the north of Kosovo assisting the Kosovo and Serbian authorities in the cooperation between the police and frontier and customs authorities, for instance at frontier crossings.

EULEX is a wide-ranging EU rule of law mission that has been in progress since 2008. EULEX is the mission that has the most Finns as civilian crisis management experts; 40 altogether. Their Finnish employer is the Crisis Management Centre Finland in Kuopio, which operates under the Ministry of the Interior.

Additional information: Director Mikko Kinnunen, Unit for Security Policy and Crisis Management, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, mobile tel. +358 50 408 3860, National Coordinator Antti Häikiö, National Civilian Crisis Management Capabilities, Ministry of the Interior, mobile tel. +358 40 739 8327


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