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Press Releases, 8/26/2013 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Minister Stubb: Together we steer, alone we drift

Press release 177/2013
26 August 2013

Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb gave a speech today August 26 at the Annual Meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission in Helsinki. He emphasised three main points: Finland must continue to pursue reforms in order to maintain its competitiveness; European welfare cannot be created by means of directives; and the next few years will see a period of moderate integration.

These were the main messages of Minister Stubb’s speech:

1. We have been telling crisis countries that it’s necessary to live within one’s means and that only structural reforms will work. Now we must live out these teachings ourselves.

2. Too many European decision-makers believe that welfare can be achieved by political decisions and directives. Economic success always depends on business companies and their employees. The role of politicians is to create an inspiring environment.

3. The process of integration is characterised by a pendulum movement: Every now and then there are major steps forward. One day we will see a deepening of integration again, but not necessarily in all Member States.

According to Minister Stubb Finland must always remain in the European Union’s inner circle. Because together we steer, alone we drift.

Additional information: Mari-Kaisa Brander, Press Attaché to Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade, tel. +358 40 131 3388


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