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News, 8/15/2012

Municipal elections and advance voting abroad

Finnish municipal elections are held every four years, in October. Those entitled to vote are persons whose municipality of residence is in Finland. Advance voting will take place in Finnish diplomatic missions on 17–20 October 2012.

Advance voting places

Permanent Mission of Finland, Geneva
Avenue de France 23, 4th floor, 1202 Geneva
Tel. +41 22 919 4242
Advance voting:
17.10. at 12-14 and 16-19
18.10. at 12-14 and 16-19
19.10. at 12-14 and 16-19
20.10. at 10-15

Embassy of Finland, Bern
Weltpoststrasse 4, 3015 Bern
Tel. +41 31 350 4100
Advance voting:
17.10. at 9-16
18.10. at 9-16
19.10. at 12-14 and 16-19
20.10. at 10-15

Finlands Honorary Consulate General, Zürich
Dufourstrasse 128, 8008 Zürich
Tel. +41 44 350 2566
Advance voting
19.10. at 9-14 and 16-19
20.10. at 10-15

In municipal elections, the right to vote is determined by municipality of residence rather than by citizenship.

Citizens of Finland, a Member State of the European Union, Iceland and Norway with a municipality of residence in Finland may vote in Finland’s municipal elections. Citizens of other states who have had their municipality of residence in Finland for a continuous period of at least two years also have the right to vote.

Electoral register

The Population Register Centre draws up a computer-based register of those entitled to vote 46 days before the election day. The electoral register includes the information for all those entitled to vote (such as name, personal identity number, municipality of residence, and polling station on election day) found in the population information system 51 days before the election day.

A notification card will be posted to all those entitled to vote in October. If for any reason you fail to receive this notification card, you can enquire about the card and/or its information content at any local register office in Finland. It is also possible to vote without a notification card.

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Updated 8/15/2012

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