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Press Releases, 14/11/2012 | The Development Policy Committee


Press Release 267/2012
14 November 2012

Development Policy Committee: Emissions trading income needed to achieve the 0.7 target in development cooperation

The Development Policy Committee (KPT) urges the government to take action in order to achieve the objective of lifting development cooperation appropriations to 0.7 percent of the GDP by 2015 as specified in the Government Programme. The income from auctions of greenhouse gas allowances should be allocated to development cooperation and climate actions.

“The increase in Finnish development cooperation funding has been encouraging in the past years. Finland became one of the top OECD countries and came close to the 0.7 group. However, now we are off the growth track,” says MP Jouko Jääskeläinen, Chairman of the KPT.

In 2011, five countries reached the 0.7 objective in their development cooperation funding: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Finnish development cooperation appropriations were 0.53% of the GDP.

Development cooperation appropriations for 2013-2014 will be frozen at the current level in the spending limits of government finances and the budget proposal, and cuts of EUR 30 million are being planned for 2015. Given the above figures and in accordance with the current economic forecasts, the share of development cooperation appropriations of the GDP will go as low as under 0.5 percent in 2015.

The government has undertaken to reach for the 0.7 target by allocating income from the auctions of greenhouse gas allowances to development cooperation and climate actions after the government midterm. Auctions of greenhouse gas allowances will start in the EU by the end of the year.

“In the current situation, the commitment made in the Government programme and the government spending limits discussion is important and it should be followed through. Nevertheless, allocating the development cooperation appropriations directly from the state budget would be more consistent,” Jääskeläinen points out.

2015 is the final year of the UN Millennium Development Goals, the first of which is to halve extreme poverty. It is the responsibility of Finland and other industrial countries to support developing countries in reaching the goals, and one of the means is development cooperation funding. The world is still on track to meet the MDGs, but the global economic crisis has delayed progress. Development funding dropped for the first time last year.

“Global challenges are more and more pronounced in the modern world. They directly affect also Finnish economy and well-being in Finland. Development cooperation is an invaluable tool in responding to the challenges. Therefore, its quantity and quality should be made sure even when the times are tough in economy,” Jääskeläinen says.

Further information:
Jouko Jääskeläinen, Chairman of the KPT, Member of Parliament, tel. 050 512 0782,
Miia Toikka, Secretary General of the KPT, tel. 050 525 8649,

The Development Policy Committee (KPT) is an advisory body for development policy appointed by the Government. It monitors and evaluates actions taken, as well as key decisions in the various sectors of policy that influence the situation in developing countries. The Development Policy Committee evaluates the quality and effectiveness of development cooperation work and monitors the level of public funding for development cooperation. The Committee is representative in terms of parliamentary and social representation.


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