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Finland’s peace mediation work

Peace mediation is about bringing two or more parties together. Its goal is to either prevent or solve violent conflict through negotiation. A large number of Finns have worked on high-level peace mediation assignments. Finland has participated in peacekeeping operations since the 1950s.

Finland participates in international peace mediation. Finland provides direct diplomatic, expert or technical support to ongoing peace processes. Finland supports the efforts of the EU’s High Representative in advancing selected peace processes. Finland provides good services by hosting official or ‘track two’ negotiations between parties in a conflict, either in the region in question or in Finland.

The Ahtisaari Days

The Ahtisaari Days is an annual peace mediation event, which is named after the former Finnish President and Nobel peace prize winner Martti Ahtisaari. The first Ahtisaari Days were held in 2011.

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Updated 5/24/2012

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